Saturday, August 6, 2011


Toon: The Cartoon Role Playing Game is a humor role-playing game inspired by Warner Brothers cartoons like Bugs Bunny. In the game, the players take on the roles of cartoons.

While the game does parodies more "serious" role-playing games, the game is playable. First off, the characters (like in many Looney Tunes-style cartoons) don't die. They do have hit points that are removed when the character is injured. However when their hit points reach zero, they are simply temporarily out of the game and will come back later with the points restored. Because of the latter, the game encourages you to "Act Before You Think" and to "Forget Everything You Know" (which means abandon the skills you learned in other role playing games). The game prioritizes having fun over everything else (including the rules). If a player does something that the other players and the "Animator" (the game master) think is funny, then it's allowed and encouraged. The game has 23 skills that are controlled by four main attributes: "muscle" (strength), "zip" (dexterity and speed), "smarts" (intelligence) and "chutzpah" (self-confidence and pushiness). However, there is also "shticks" that are unusual (for cartoon characters) abilities such as invisibility and flight.

My source was Wikipedia.

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